Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Video!

This video was written and filmed by this year's computer camp students.

Computer Camp Day 4

Today we blogged about the self-portraits we did at the Schuyler Mansion. You can see them on display as a part of the audio tour. We recorded our explanations, and you can hear them when you visit the site.

What we learned today
How to change templates
How to add a link list

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Computer Camp Day 3

The students did research for their essay about people they admire. They also recorded explanations about their self-portrait with the staff from Schuyler Mansion.

In the lab students learned how to add pictures to their blog.

Google Challenge

Did you know the longest river in Great Britain is the Severn? Did you know the name of the Israeli Secret Service was Mossad? Can you tell us who played JR Ewing on the TV show Dallas? It was Larry Hagman. We got all our answers from the Internet.

The Google Challenge is a scavenger hunt for information on the World Wide Web. It is fun way to learn how to use the Internet and search engines. Students are given a series of questions and asked to identify keys words to use for a search. We then enter those key words and find answer.

Google Challenge is an exercise we do every day as a part of Computer Camp. A lesson in information literacy that we can use in our every day lives.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pictures From Today

What We Learned (Day 2)

Today we worked on our personal essays. We also learned:
  • How to change font style
  • How to change font size
  • How to change font color
  • How to make words bold and italicized
  • Internet Safety

Photos From Day 1

Here are some photos from our first day of camp.